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Dynamic and energised, with clarity of mind and thought, confident and so much happier without too much effort or deprivation.

Health is Your First Wealth

Your health and wellbeing is personal. You want to be healthy, productive and full of energy, yet how you respond to the food you eat and the environment around you is completely unique. You are an individual and this is why I use genetic testing and analysis as one of the tools available to assist in delivering a tailored and personalised approach. By understanding your predisposition you will feel more empowered and in control of your food and lifestyle choices.

My name is Ruth Templeton and with an MSc in Personalised Nutrition, I’m a qualified, registered nutritional therapist and health coach. I work with people who want to feel re-energised and revitalised; who want to shift that stubborn weight once and for all; and who want to feel good in themselves – even if it might sometimes feel like an impossible journey.


Achieve Your Goals in Four Steps


You make a commitment to yourself and your wellbeing when you book your programme.


Moving forward you carry out a complete assessment with your practitioner.


Your personalised programme is prepared.


Continue towards your goals with regular support throughout your programme.

Choose Your Perfect Programme

If you are ready to live well, be well and feel well, choose your programme

Programmes are personalised and built just for you based on your DNA

01. Energy & Vitality

When was the last time you woke up in the morning feeling refreshed and well rested? Or even managed to get a decent night’s sleep?  This programme is for you if you are looking for that game changer that lifts your focus and energy without disrupting your diary. It might feel impossible but with the right support it isn’t.

  • Be empowered & vibrant
  • Feel refreshed & energised
  • Regain clarity & focus

02. Weight Loss & You

If you have tried many diets in the past, only to regain it all (and then some) as soon as you stopped; if you want to reduce your body fat percentage, drop a size or more and feel better inside and out, then this programme is for you.


  • Full body composition analysis
  • Targeted healthy diet
  • Push past your normal stopping point

03. My Self Care

This programme is for you if you have had enough of chronic and sustained exposure to stress. You need to have some space just for you every week. By focusing on nourishing your mind, you start to feel better, stronger and more able to rebuild your bounce-back muscle.

  • Support as you nourish your body & mind
  • Regain control by looking after yourself
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs

Choose Your Perfect Plan

Each programme is run over 12 weeks and starts at £615.  

They all combine a DNA test with nutrition and lifestyle coaching.


This introductory programme is designed to provide you with the essential tools to start you on rebuilding your health and well-being with a focus on your goal.


Platinum builds on Gold with a higher level of support that steers you towards success, your goals and towards feeling so much better.


The VIP tier checks in with you every week and is built around your diary availability, holding you accountable to your goals. You can also choose to have personalised recipe suggestions based on your DNA report.

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Live well, be well & feel well

My programmes are for you if you’re a stressed out and overworked yet committed professional who wants to regain their energy and focus; if you’re determined to lose that extra weight once and for all; and for you, if you need to rebuild your bounce-back muscle and rediscover who you were always meant to be.

Clients come to me because they want to take back control of their health, their wellbeing and to feel revitalised. A few simple tweaks to your diet, in combination with the right support, could make a big difference to your body and how you feel each day.

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